P2P Process Online Breakfast Meeting #1

April Session

1-hour session including: 3 presentations (8 minutes each), 20 minutes of Q&A and 10 minutes of poll / live voting activity

Program for Tuesday 13 April 2021

Impacts of remote working on S2P/AP operations: Mindset shift, new transition methodologies and people management in the “virtual” world
Embracing the new “rules” by adapting tools and strategies in place for improved performance management and measurement while fighting the resistance to change

    How to keep on pushing for a continuous improvement mindset among operations teams in remote times and encourage idea sharing for greater impact on service delivery
    Presented by: Nikolett Kulcsár, Continuous Improvement Manager – Albemarle (HU)
    Optimizing new processes in place for “virtual” transitions to increase efficiency and cost reduction on the long run (and never going back to “normal”?)
    Presented by: Bernadett Pelyva, Sr. Manager PSG Process Owner ItP – Thermo Fisher Scientific (HU)
    Blurred lines between personal and professional life, impacts on productivity, engagement and motivation on the long run + onboarding and company culture for newcomers
    Presented by: Zsuzsanna Illés, Site Leader & VP S2P Operations Europe – Genpact (HU)

*Registration to the Connect Minds’ Online Breakfast Meetings Series is free of charge and exclusively reserved to professionals employed by SSC/GBS organizations.
Right to access is at the discretion of the organizers who can refuse the registration of individuals not working in an SSC/GBS organization.

Event Info

  • April 13, 2021
  • 09:00 - 10:00 CET
  • Live Stream via MS Teams


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